Invasive plants could be turned into textiles


Invasive plant species could be recycled into paper, yarn and eco-friendly textile dyes, research by Atelier Luma, a think tank in Arles, France, has found.
The research began when the laboratory partnered with Parc des Calanques in Marseille. The park is uprooting many exotic and invasive plant species as part of an effort to improve biodiversity.

Major fashion houses will sell products made from mushroom leather


Major fashion companies have teamed up to invest in a novel material called Mylo, which is grown from mycelium but rivals the look and feel of animal leather. As part of a newly established business consortium, the brands have each agreed to spend seven-figure sums to help level up the production capabilities of Mylo’s inventor, US biotechnology company Bolt Threads. The plan is to create a supply chain for the vegan leather, which would allow it to be manufactured at a commercially viable scale.

Art and science for the clothes of tomorrow


The project Re-FREAM was created to design smart clothes in the digital area. Here, researchers and artists work side by side, developing innovative and sustainable ideas and implementation options for the fashion industry, while simultaneously providing impulses for user-oriented synergies between textiles and technology.

Materially: B2B meeting, training, information webinars


The meetings are structured and studied with the aim of creating new opportunities and starting new commercial relationships between material producers and potential users, simultaneously contributing to the professional updating of operators in the production sector, always looking for new solutions in the world of innovative materials, circular and sustainable materials.

New fabric to automatically warm wearers up or cool them down as needed


A team at the University of Maryland has developed an infrared-adaptive textile composed of polymer fibres coated with carbon nanotubes to respond to the body’s heat and wetness and help keep wearers at a comfortable temperature at all times.

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