Here you will find news, links, events from the web related to the project’s four areas of Emerging Materials and Technologies, regarding knowledge and technology transfer, design-driven teaching methodologies, interdisciplinary collaboration activities and other topics addressed by Datemats project.


Pan-European Conference on Digital Education

Outbreak caused by COVID -19 showed that circling of teaching ideas across countries is very much needed. A strong network among teachers fosters a better impact on students, a sense of belonging, willingness to take risks, teacher identity and a growth mindset.


Bioplastic Made from Olives

Olive pits are discarded during olive oil production but now they can be used as an alternative for plastic. Approximately 3.5 tons of bioplastic can be transformed from 5 tons of locally sourced olive seeds.

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Spinnova Fiber

The only cellulose-based textile fiber made from FSC-certified wood using a unique process that involves no dissolving or use of harmful chemicals in any stage. This patented process is based on the mechanical treatment of the pulp, as well as fiber suspension flows and rheology.

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New fabric to automatically warm wearers up or cool them down as needed

A team at the University of Maryland has developed an infrared-adaptive textile composed of polymer fibres coated with carbon nanotubes to respond to the body’s heat and wetness and help keep wearers at a comfortable temperature at all times.

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Graphene and related materials safety: human health and the environment

Graphene Flagship researchers reviewed the current research into the safety of graphene and related materials looking at both human health and environmental impact.

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Karl Mayer launches Textile-circuit for making e-textiles

Germany’s Karl Mayer, has launched a new project named ‘Textile-circuit’ that works on established warp knitting technology to produce highly innovative e-textiles.

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