Material Design Lab is an interdisciplinary space set up to explore, test, grow and design new materials with a strong focus on sustainable production and innovation. Material Design Lab consists of 3 physical spaces; a large materials library made in collaboration with Material Connexion in New York, the box, which is an exhibition of raw materials, finishes and binders and the lab, that is a laboratory set up to work hands on with the design and exploration of materials in the interdisciplinary field between art, technology and natural science. Furthermore, Material Design Lab provides access to various databases on materials and a large collection of books on materials. Material Design Lab is part of Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) that offers higher education combining theory with practice. There are 31 different degree programmes at Bachelor (BA) and Academy Professional (AP) levels within the 4 areas: Design, Digital, Build and Tech. Copenhagen School of Design & Technology has at present 5400 full time students, 3450 part time students and more than 500 employees. Copenhagen school of Design & Technology has a close cooperation with businesses and educational institutions in Denmark and internationally