On February 7th the 10 partners of Datemats consortium gathered for the first time to connect names to faces and start this collaborative adventure. The initiative involves academic staff from 4 universities with courses in design and engineering to share and transfer their expertise in four specific areas of Emerging Materials & Technologies – short EMTs – related to: Wearable Tech & Interactive Connected Smart EMTs, Advanced growing & Self-healing EMTs, Carbon-based & Nanotech EMTs, as well as Biomaterials, especially Wood-based EMTs.

In addition, experts operating in private and non-profit bodies such as material libraries, knowledge transfer & design centres and industrial development & business centres complete the interdisciplinary project network, connecting the consortium with the relevant target group.

The one-day kick-off meeting was held at PoliFactory, the project coordinator’s inhouse makerspace, offering the perfect location to start the Datemats activities aimed to investigate, analyse and provide new methodologies with a design-driven approach for knowledge transfer of emerging materials and technologies.

First results of this cross-sectorial partnership will be available for download on the project’s dedicated website within the first year of project duration. Keep in touch for updates!

Yours sincerely,
Datemats communication team.