Mobility 2021

DATEMATS is a design-driven European project for sharing and transferring knowledge of emerging materials and technologies (EM&Ts). The final goal is to develop a new pedagogical approach framework laid down into specific areas.

DATEMATS project organizes an international mobility program including four international workshops. During the five day long workshops, students tackle real-life challenges given by partnering European companies. Each workshop has the main focus on the topic provided by the hosting university, but all EM&Ts are included.

Workshop schedule: June-July 2021

The workshops are arranged by the partner universities in Italy (Polimi), Denmark (KEA), Spain (Tecnun) and Finland (Aalto). The design or engineering degree students studying at these universities may apply to DATEMATS workshops organized either abroad, or at their home university. The workshops will take place in June-July 2021.

Entirely carbon-based materials, nano-scaled structures or composite.

Tecnun – University of Navarra, Spain
7-11 june 2021

Entirely carbon-based materials, nano-scaled structures or composite.

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Denmark
14-18 june 2021

Materials that are processed either chemically or mechanically from trees or other plants for innovative applications.

Aalto University, CHEMARTS, Finland
28 june – 2 july 2021

Interactive Connected Smart (ICS) Wear-ables. Stimuli-responsive materials and electronic micro-devices embeddable into clothing or worn on the body as im- plants or accessories.

Polimi – Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
12-16 july 2021

Application period: 1.1.-12.2.2021

Each student can participate in only one workshop. When applying, students can name their primary and secondary choices abroad, and apply additionally for the workshop organized by their own university. Five students from each partner university will be selected for each international workshop (5+5+5). In addition to these 15 international students, 20 local students will be selected, resulting in a team of 35 participants altogether in every workshop. Each host will select the students for their workshop based on the student’s motivation and interest towards the EM&Ts

Safety note and info on arrangements

DATEMATS team follows Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions carefully. Final project arrangements will be confirmed later in the spring. The selected students will receive an info package including all necessary information well before the workshops.


Students’ travel costs and the main part of the accommodation costs will be covered by DATEMATS, through the Erasmus+ program. Students need to provide other costs, such as food, by themselves. Detailed information on the costs will be provided after the arrangements have been fully planned .

Apply for the mobility program

The application period is 1st January to 12nd february 2021.

All applicants will be informed whether they were accepted or not in March 2021.

Fill in the application form HERE