Be involved in a unique path

The Datemats activities are open to faculty, students and enterprises and will offer several occasions in which the involved universities will share their best practices for knowledge and technology transfers.

Be part of this unique journey in one of the proposed steps or in the whole path: if you are a design or engineering student of one of the affiliated universities apply to be part of the educational activities; if you are an industry, a company, or a startup (EM&Ts producer, supplier, manufacturer or end-user) operating in one of the four Datemats areas, be part of this advanced experience and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Aim of the Datemats Manifesto is to create a network of EM&Ts producers and end-users in order to foster exchange and collaboration even after the project’s end

Companies signing the Manifesto express their interest in being part of the Datemats network, endorsing the project’s aims and participating in EM&Ts focused workshops with the aim to test a proprietary training methodology and the Datemats’ framework for knowledge and technology transfer. The following companies have signed the Datemats Manifesto: