Datemats consortium came together in Denmark for the second project meeting, hosted by partner KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. The encounter was scheduled on two days, October 9-10 2019 in Copenhagen.

Splitting the meeting in two days offered the possibility to structure the gathering in a way to offer a general overview on the project and to go in depth on some specific issues, too.

The Transnational Meeting marks the transition from the preparatory stage focusing on “Sharing and Building Transnational Knowledge Methodology” which sets the ground for the definition of contents of the new Design Transfer Method for the 4 different Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts) areas.

First day served as an update involving all partners on running activities, addressing each work package – presented by its responsible partner – and providing a common knowledge level.

The second day was dedicated to an Interdisciplinary Knowledge sharing workshop where all partners participated in a co-design creative session. The participants of the meeting were divided into 4 groups (creating a mix of skills) one by category of materials (1. ICS: Wearables, 2. Advanced Growing, 3. Carbon-based and Nano, 4. Wood-based) and each expert briefly presented the category. Afterwards, each group had to answer some short questions, fill in some diagrams that would help to understand the role of the designer within each category.

Stay tuned to discover the outcomes of the ongoing activities; the next project meeting will take place in Barcelona – on April 2 and 3 2020.