The ADC*E European Creativity Festival is an annual event bringing together creative professionals from around Europe and is all about innovative ideas that bring positive change, challenging the way we see creativity and inspiring shifts in perceptions that will help reshape the future. This year’s festival, it’s 6th edition held from November 7th and 8th in Barcelona, celebrated the people who are already building a better tomorrow, who employ their creativity for good, who believe tomorrow’s problems will not exist if we start today. One of them is Robert Thompson, Scientific Director and Head of Training at Materfad, who hosted a workshop titled “Taboo Materials”. As Thompson explained in an interview about the workshop, “taboo materials” are any material considered by society as improper for either subjective or culturally bound reasons. The workshop addressed the need of having creatives and experts in advertising and marketing, to bring these “taboo materials” to industry and to the consumers. Read the full interview here.