The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) part of the Datemats project are tightly collaborating to develop a unique training methodology and framework to educate the next generation of design-practitioners able to thoroughly understand and apply Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts). A selected group of students enrolled in a design or engineering course at Aalto, KEA, PoliMi o TECNUN, will have the opportunity to participate in a training experience abroad at one of the Datemats partner HEIs.

In order to test the training contents for each of the addressed EM&Ts areas, the Datemats pre-mobility activity has been set up: a series of blended learning sessions will provide design and engineering students with understanding and deeper knowledge about Advanced Growing, Experimental Wood-based, Nano- and Interactive Connected Smart (ICS) Materials. The aim is to introduce, inspire and envision how these emerging materials and related technologies could make life easier and more comfortable in the future. The four universities are going to involve a larger number of their students, offering them different virtual learning tools – created by the Datemats teachers, renamed experts in their field – and the possibility to be selected for the Datemats student mobility activity planned later on.

All the Datemats results are going to be publicly accessible, as are these first Open Education Resources (OERs) produced during the first months of 2020. Want to understand more about EM&Ts and get to know the Datemats teaching experts? Discover the audio-visuals available on the Datemats Vimeo-channel.