Our world is built of materials. Their performance, sustainability and aesthetics are at the core of everything we build. How do you keep up with the latest developments on the materials of the future?

Datemats project invites companies to join international researchers in a series of free, open innovation workshops on emerging materials and technologies (EM&Ts).

We invite you to join any of the following half-day events:

17th September 2020, at Material ConneXion Skövde, Sweden (in English and Swedish)

29th September 2020, at Disseny Hub Barcelona (Materfad and BCD headquarters), Barcelona, Spain (in English and Spanish)

30th September 2020, at Disseny Hub Barcelona (Materfad and BCD headquarters), Barcelona, Spain (in English and Spanish)

6th October 2020, at Materially, Milan, Italy (in English and Italian)

During  the workshops you will get to explore samples of innovative materials and learn about their possibilities directly from specialist researchers. We will guide you through a Design Thinking process to help you learn methods and find opportunities in your company for these exciting materials. Each of the workshop focuses on four material categories: INTERACTIVE CONNECTED SMART (ICS): WEARABLES EM&Ts, ADVANCED GROWING EM&Ts, NANOMATERIALS EM&Ts, EXPERIMENTAL WOOD-BASED EM&Ts (learn more).

Could grown materials from algae or fungi be the most (only) sustainable option for the future? 

See new amazing possibilities with wood-based materials, from sunscreen to fabric. 

Custom-tailored super-performance from nano-materials.

Could your shirt monitor your heart rate? Integrated, connected systems, such as “smart” textiles and wearable technologies makes this possible. 

Presentations will be held in english by our international team of researchers, but workshops will be held in the local language. Some researchers will be available on site, others will join via web conference.

Important note: Due to uncertainty with respect to coronavirus guidelines and developments, we may need to limit the number of participants on site to follow guidelines and ensure safe distancing between participants. However, we have provided an option to join the workshop online.

The preferred option, if COVID-19 restrictions permit, is to meet on location to be able to explore our material samples. If you are unable to travel, you can sign up to join online. You will be able to listen, ask questions to our researchers and participate in the workshop, but will miss the opportunity to explore our material samples first hand.

Sign up to join at this link
You will be contacted with updates and more details.


Meet some of our researchers:

Venere Ferraro, expert on ICS materials
Researcher at Politecnico di Milano. Focus on the role of interaction design in the use of disruptive technology (Wearable and AI). Specifically, on how to exploit the potential of digital technologies to design experiential systems both in private and public sector. Combining interaction design, studies on people-centred approach allow to reach an innovation by shaping the technology in a meaningful way for the user.

Stefano Parisi, expert on ICS materials
Research fellow at Politecnico di Milano, Design Department. He is a member of the Materials Experience Lab and of the DIY Materials research group. He investigates the area of emerging materials, in particular, the ones having hybrid, dynamic and interactive qualities. He explores design and training methodologies for meaningful materials experiences and future scenarios.

Mette Bak-Andersen, expert on grown materials
Director and founder of the Material Design Lab, Industrial designer and PhD fellow. Research area: Material design processes for sustainable design – focusing on advanced grown materials and the future of materials in design for a circular economy. Background in the industry with several years of experience as project manager in design and production. Has been lead on projects involving public and private partnerships in the academic world, including collaborations with large companies such as Nike and IKEA.

Robert D. Thompson, expert on nanomaterials
Professor, scientific communicator and researcher. Robert is the scientific director of MATERFAD, Barcelona’s materials centre. Since 2015 he is responsible for training at the centre. He boasts a multifaceted profile and a willingness to create synergies between new materials, creative professionals and companies.

Pirjo Kääriäinen, expert on wood-based materials
Textile specialist and material enthusiast, Professor of Practice at the Aalto University, Finland. Works with the CHEMARTS collaboration to explore biomaterials and create new concepts for the future use of plant-based materials. Research projects on biomaterials explore design driven technology development processes in materials research, and create future oriented concepts, applications and business seeds for more sustainable world of materials. Previously worked eighteen years for Scandinavian textile commerce, and gained experience also as an entrepreneur and consultant for creative industries.