The project consortium is proud to announce that the first Datemats book is released under the Creative Commons License by the publisher Franco Angeli.

The book contains the preliminary findings of the project’s ongoing research activities and focuses on the four exemplified EM&Ts areas as results of the methods, gaps and issues related to their teaching methods.
It provides a summary of the four literature reviews conducted at respectively Aalto University on Experimental Wood-Based EM&Ts, Design Department of Politecnico di Milano on Interactive Connected Smart (ICS) Materials Wearable-based, Tecnun University on Carbon-based & Nanotech EM&Ts and Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) on Advanced Growing.

It presents the synthesis of the four EM&Ts areas highlighting similarity, differences for all of them and gives an overview for each area in a dedicated section presenting the meaning, the different approaches used and developed for each EM&Ts area. Finally, it provides the setting up of a common and advanced methods of teaching EM&Ts within HEIs, to create new professional in young students, and to develop new guidelines and approaches.

This excerpt is an extra effort and an anticipation of the final Datemats e-book that will be released at the project’s end in 2021, thus we are especially excited to include this in the Datemats project outputs list and invite you to download your copy here.