The main aim of the Datemats project is to develop new methods to transfer knowledge about Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts). Part of the elaborated methodology is the creation of a toolkit presenting several materials as case study to explain the four areas addressed in the project – advanced growing, experimental wood-based, Interactive-Connected-Smart (ICS) and nanomaterials.

The toolkit is a collection of 20 material samples illustrating their physical properties, technical features and possible application areas through descriptive datasheets, graphs and digital content. The aim of these material kits is to be used as a tool to facilitate the understanding and application potentials of the Datemats EM&Ts. The materials presented in this draft version of the toolkit are a selection of a very broad offer of materials available both commercially and experimentally produced on a lab scale, which is constantly increasing and thus the toolkit itself will never be exhaustive.

After testing this initial version in the knowledge transfer activities, targeted both to the students participating in the project mobility and to the companies involved in the Datemats Knowledge Transfer Labs (to discover more read here), an improved and updated version will be created at the end of the project, in late 2021. Hopefully, by that time we will be able to hold physical meetups in order to present the final Datemats EM&Ts toolkit to a broad audience of design and material enthusiasts. Subscribe to the newsletter, 2021 will be the Datemats year!