Initially, the event was planned to be held as a two day meet up in Milan (Italy) at PoliMi premises. In April, when the dates for this meeting were set, partners were hopeful that the global COVID-19 situation would change during the summer months allowing to get back to physical encounters. As well known, the scenario has not significantly changed since spring forcing consortium partners to stick to the online mode for any project related activities.

The encounter was organised virtually on Thursday October 8th and offered the chance to recap the project activities of the previous 6 months. Fortunately, the consortium managed to hold the Knowledge Transfer Labs (to discover more read here) in the weeks before in a mixed set up combining physical presence with online participation just before the rise of the second COVID-19 wave overwhelmed most EU countries.

After the summer break, the interim report covering the first 18 months of project execution was submitted, a great effort of work that involved all project partners intensively. The preparation of the interim report ensured the consortium to collect all the project outputs due after halftime of the project duration, in summer 2020. The Datemats website has an extensive resource page where all the publicly accessible deliverables are published: have a look here, for sure you will find some useful material!