The Datemats partners main objective is to transfer knowledge on Emerging Materials & Technologies – short EM&Ts – from academia and research to the industry and the future workforce. To do so, being in direct touch with industrial players, material producers and end-users, is crucial for the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of the Datemats consortium.

To create this important connection, the Datemats Manifesto has been launched with the aim to foster exchange and collaboration now, while the project is running, and even after its end in December 2021.

Companies signing the Manifesto express their interest in being part of the Datemats network, endorsing the project’s aims and participating in EM&Ts focused  workshops. The goal of these activities is to test a proprietary training methodology for designing with EM&Ts based on the Datemats’ framework for knowledge and technology transfer. Thus, the participants of the workshops have the chance to experience latest techniques developed in design research and to get in first hand contact with the experts of the four datemats EM&T areas: advanced growing EM&Ts, interactive and smart connected (ICS) EM&Ts, nanotechnology EM&Ts and wood-based EM&Ts.

Want to be up-to-date on emerging materials and technologies and how to design with them? Make your statement and join the Datemats Manifesto:

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