Edited by Datemats project coordinator Venere Ferraro, together with Valentina Rognoli, the book covers a series of outstanding researchers’ contributions on the topic of ICS Materials: a new class of emerging materials with properties and qualities concerning interactivity, connectivity and intelligence. In the general framework of the ICS Materials’ domain, each chapter deals with a specific aspect following the characteristic perspective of each researcher. As a result, methods, tools, guidelines emerged that are relevant and applicable to several contexts such as product, interaction design, materials science and many more.

The publication is released under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) in the peer reviewed series Design International and available for download here.


Valentina Rognoli, Venere Ferraro, ICS Materials’ theoretical background

Part One. Exploring grounding and border concepts

Marta González Colominas, Martin Andreas Koch, Carlos Salas Muñozcano, Laura Clèries, Designing with Smart Materials. Talking Products

Markus Holzbach, Experimenting and Hybrid Concepts in Material Design

Manuel Kretzer, Sina Mostafavi, Bioplastic Robotic Materialization. Design to robotic production of biodegradable lamps

Barbara Pollini, Sustainable Design, biomimicry and biomaterials: exploring interactivity, connectivity and smartness in nature

Richard Lombard, The Role of ICS Materials in Materials Libraries: Weaving Together The Fabric of the Future

Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Intersection of Interaction Design, Crafting and Materiality: Three Case Studies of Digital Craftsmanship

Bahareh Barati, Elvin Karana, Unlocking the Potentials of Underdeveloped Smart Material Composites

Part Two. Discovering ICS Materials: Framing the Phenomenon

Valentina Rognoli, Stefano Parisi, ICS Materiality: the phenomenon of interactive, connected and smart materials as enablers of new materials experiences

Stefano Parisi, Venere Ferraro, Mapping ICS Materials: framing the complexity of hybrid material systems

Part Three. Definition of advanced methods and scenarios for the application of ICS Materials

Marinella Ferrara, The Ultra Surfaces Vision

Davide Spallazzo, Mauro Ceconello, ICS Materials for exhibit design

Ilaria Vitali, Erika Arcari, Venanzio Arquilla, Smart Products & ICS Materials

Venere Ferraro, ICS Materials as new frontier for Wearable technologies

Arianna Bionda, Andrea Ratti, NautICS Materials: the method in practice, a workshop for Future Yacht Design

Stefano Parisi, Valentina Rognoli, Design for ICS Materials. The development of tools and a method for the inspiration and ideation phase