The EM&Ts toolkit is a collection of tangible samples displaying emerging materials and technologies and containing five samples for each EM&Ts. Aim of the EM&Ts transfer toolkit is to provide a tool to facilitate the understanding and application potentials of emerging materials and technologies.


Every material example has its box, containing: 1) Physical sample, 2) Datasheet suddivided in this structure: an Understanding section: it provides basic knowledge about the material and the manufacturer, Technology Readiness Level, crucial characteristics and features. The sensorial qualities and performance, sustainability and smart properties are listed for a clearer understanding of the materials potential; 3) A Shaping section: it contains information about the manufacturing process, the form in which the material is available and possible transformations. 4) An Applying section: it gives information and pictures about the field the material is currently used. In addition, other potential applications are listed, associated with meaningful case studies.

The last part of the datasheet is dedicated to glossary: 16 terminologies of smart and sustainable properties referred to the EM&Ts in the toolkits.



The toolkit was created to be used as aid in educational contexts with students and during workshops with companies and professionals. It is a powerful tool to provide students with information about the materials and their opportunities and limits, and to inspire them during the concept development. On the other side, it has potentialities to provide decision makers of the company with information about the emerging materials and technologies, their opportunities and limits, and to inspire them for innovation in product development.


During the project, the toolkits have been used and tested in academic context, with more than 100 students of diverse design backgrounds during EM&Ts workshops in Spain, Italy, Denmark and Finland but also in professional context, during participative workshops with 94 companies, design studios and professionals.

Currently, the toolkits can be consulted via the project website.

The page was subdivided as follows:

1. General information and methodology

2. Toolkit database

In this second section all toolkits are available for viewing and downloading as an open source tool. It’s possible also to create your own toolkit, infact in this section there are blank datasheets and layout of the box, available as an open source tool in a downloadable version.

The aim of this blank datasheet and toolkbox as open source is to be filled out by any company or practitioner as a user guide and serves as an informative, didactic, technical and inspirational document including the description of a selected material.

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