Interdisciplinary Challenge N°1 at Tecnun

Datemats project organizes an international mobility program including four international workshops. An international learning experience involving students and teaching staff from the universities of the Datemats consortium: Aalto University, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Tecnun Universidad de Navarra.

During the five day long workshops, students will tackle real-life challenges given by partnering European companies. Each workshop has the main focus on the topic provided by the hosting university, but all EM&Ts are included. The workshops combine hands-on experimentation, design activities, lectures and presentations by the teaching staff of the four universities and by partnering companies.

The first design workshop is going to be held at Tecnun – Universidad de Navarra, in San Sebastián, Spain from 7 – 11 June 2021.

Twenty five students will work together in multidisciplinary teams to find solutions for the interdisciplinary challenge set by Grupo Antolin, one of the involved companies, by developing product concepts, prototypes, and material samples. Besides the design brief defined by Grupo Antolin, four other companies will contribute to the training activities by sharing their expertise on Nanomaterials presenting short EM&T Pills.

The students will apply a new design methodology developed within Datemats allowing them to design with Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts). The specifically developed method and the related tools will support students in exploring, and understanding of shaping and applying EM&Ts for different application fields, identifying design opportunities from their intersection.

The main EM&Ts explored in this first workshop are Nanomaterials, but also the other three EM&Ts researched in the project will be integrated: Interactive Connected, Smart Materials, Experimental Wood-based Materials, and Advanced Growing Materials.

Students mobility kick-off