How to design with innovative materials?

8 Days to explore prototypes and samples, meet the researchers and discover the tools!

Starting from November 2021 Datemats sets up a series of international meetings – named Knowledge Transfer Days – with the goal to disseminate the achieved project results to enterprises, policy-makers, material and technology manufacturers, Technology transfer offices & centers, and end-user companies.

The focusof the Knowledge Transfer Days will be on the four Emerging Materials & Technologies (EM&Ts) areas investigated in Datemats, that is: wearables, nanomaterials, experimental wood based and advanced growing EM&Ts (discover all about the Datemats EM&Ts here).

Participants will have the chance to explore material samples and prototypes guided by the experts of the Datemats project (Design-driven Approach To Emerging Materials And Technologies), to learn about the developed design method, and to discover the guidelines for applying the knowledge transfer activities in their organization to boost innovation.

Furthermore, the meetings provide the opportunity to have an exchange with researchers from universities across Europe and to observe the final version of the Datemats EM&Ts transfer Toolkit.

A total of 8 Knowledge Transfer Days will beorganised by the Consortium Partners in:

Spain: Barcelona

Thursday 2021-11-11, BcD and Materfad

Friday 2021-11-12, BcD and Materfad

Italy: Milan

Tuesday 2022-02-15, PoliMI

Tuesday 2022-03-08, Materially

Denmark: Copenhagen

Tuesday 2022-03-17, KEA

Sweden: Skövde

Wednesday 2022-03-23, IDC

Finland: Helsinki

Tuesday 2022-03-29, AAlto

Interested in participating? Register here.

The agenda of single KTD consists of different activities:

> The possibilities of emerging materials and technologies

Presentation of the fascinating results of the design workshops where students took on company challenges.

> The Datemats methodologies

Learn about the methods for designing with emerging materials and technologies.

> The transfer tools

Explore the innovative Datemats tools and interact with the experts on location or through Zoom.

> Next steps Presentation of the opportunities for participants to get more information and be involved.