January 24 – 28, 2022

After the kick-off at TECNUN in June, the second design challenge held at PoliMi in July and the third round after the summer break at KEA, the last of these series of interdisciplinary EM&Ts challenges will take place in Finland on January 24 – 28, 2022 at Aalto University.

The interdisciplinary EM&Ts challenge involves some students of the Universities part of the Datemats mobility in a combination of hands-on experimentation, design activities, lectures and presentations by the teaching staff and by partnering companies. The students are going to work in teams hands-on in the laboratories of the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering to develop new ideas and find new solutions on how to use recycled cellulose in interior design and construction.

Indeed, this last Datemats design challenge in Finland is about wood-based materials, including cellulose fibers, fibrils (micro- or nano-structured) and derivatives, lignin, bark extractives and novel combinations of these. As bio-based materials have an important role in the transition towards a sustainable material future, the workshop challenge is focusing especially in recycling of cellulose waste.

Find out more about the Interdisciplinary EM&Ts challenge on the dedicated page here.