Understanding emerging materials and technologies: first Datemats videos published to kick-off the pre-mobility activities for design & engineering students

The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) part of the Datemats project are tightly collaborating to develop a unique training methodology and framework to educate the next generation of design-practitioners able to thoroughly understand and apply Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts). A selected group of students enrolled in a design or engineering course at Aalto, KEA, PoliMi o TECNUN, will have the opportunity to participate in a training experience abroad at

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Materfad participated in the ADC*E Festival 2019: Robert Thompson adressing the “Taboo Materials”

The ADC*E European Creativity Festival is an annual event bringing together creative professionals from around Europe and is all about innovative ideas that bring positive change, challenging the way we see creativity and inspiring shifts in perceptions that will help reshape the future. This year’s festival, it’s 6th edition held from November 7th and 8th in Barcelona, celebrated the people who are already building a better tomorrow, who employ their creativity

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Design Week Eindhoven 2019: Aalto’s chemarts first time at the DDW

Aalto University CHEMARTS was presented for the first time at the DDW – Dutch Design Week 2019, the most important international design event showcasing new material-related projects. The CHEMARTS exhibition consisted of six concepts that are the result of research conducted in new wood- and cellulose-based materials by students, researchers, lecturers and professors from Aalto University. The exhibited projects are all-cellulose composites with dyers’ Woad, Ioncell textile fibre, structural

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Knowledge transfer workshop: Datemats partners dive into the 4 EM&Ts areas

It is understood that interdisciplinary collaboration and EM&Ts (Emerging Materials and Technologies) know-how in the design phase are essential elements in the way towards a circular economy. Several research projects have been initiated around these EM&Ts; however, we need to educate future professionals for this field, and to involve enterprises (corporations and SMEs) to develop ideas towards commercial products and new business opportunities. Datemats project deals with the wide

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Consortium meeting in Copenhagen: second gathering hosted by partner KEA

Datemats consortium came together in Denmark for the second project meeting, hosted by partner KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. The encounter was scheduled on two days, October 9-10 2019 in Copenhagen. Splitting the meeting in two days offered the possibility to structure the gathering in a way to offer a general overview on the project and to go in depth on some specific issues, too. The

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News from Spain: BCD and FAD organising upcoming Barcelona Design Week 2019

The Barcelona Design Week (BDW), created by BCD Barcelona Design Centre in 2006, is an unmissable event on design, creativity and innovation in Barcelona and one of the most important Design Weeks of the international calendar. The 14th edition of BDW, to be held from 12 to 20 June, is directed by BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny, organised by FAD Fostering Arts and Design and BCD, in collaboration with Museu del Disseny, driven by Barcelon

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News from Material ConneXion’s database: 100% plant-based, renewable, biodegradable Ink

Created by Living Ink Technologies, this is the world’s first algae-derived ink that it is 100% plant-based, renewable, and biodegradable. The process uses the entire algae cell as a pigment and is composed of 90% algae and 10% other plant-based components. The ink is manufactured by first growing the algae in a lab, then harvesting the cells into a paste, and transforming them into ink. The algae-derived ink can be applied

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How does industry gain knowledge about emerging materials and technologies: make your voice count and participate to the survey

A short questionnaire has been set up by Datemats partners, addressed to manufacturers of any industry – being producers of materials, creators of innovative technologies or end-users – aimed to understand the main interests, gaps and needs of companies in terms of technology knowledge transfer related to emerging and innovative materials and technologies. This international survey provides fundamental information to outline the gap between Academia (research) and the

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Kick-off meeting in Milan: who is who of Datemats consortium

On February 7th the 10 partners of Datemats consortium gathered for the first time to connect names to faces and start this collaborative adventure. The initiative involves academic staff from 4 universities with courses in design and engineering to share and transfer their expertise in four specific areas of Emerging Materials & Technologies – short EMTs – related to: Wearable Tech & Interactive Connected Smart EMTs, Advanced growing &

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