Datemats exhibition on the road: from Spain to Finland and now in Italy

After making its debut at Barcelona Design Week last autumn, our traveling exhibition "Datemats - Designing with emerging materials and technologies" continued the journey to Europe’s North to be showcased at Aalto University in Finland at the beginning of 2022. Now the installation has arrived in Italy, and is open not only to the students of the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano, but any person interested in

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How to teach emerging materials and technologies in higher education? Join the Datemats teaching experts online on Tuesday 22 March 2022.

Datemats project aims to transfer and implement a design-led teaching method for students with a mixed background (design and engineering) in the field of Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts), and to boost knowledge and technology transfers from academia and research centres to industry. The project has been running since 2019, and now it is time to share some results with the academic audience. What: The teaching experts of project

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April 7 and 8, 2022: the Datemats consortium is holding its public final event in Milan

MATERIALISING THE FUTURE: GROWING SEEDS OF THE DATEMATS PROJECT Join us at our final event to discover the unique design and teaching method and the tools developed within the context of the European Project Datemats in relation to four areas of Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts): Interactive Connected Smart (ICS) wearable-based EM&Ts, Nanomaterial EM&Ts, Advanced growing EM&Ts, Experimental wood-based EM&Ts. Datemats’ final conference is a two-day event tailored for its

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Interdisciplinary EM&Ts challenge at Aalto University

January 24 – 28, 2022 After the kick-off at TECNUN in June, the second design challenge held at PoliMi in July and the third round after the summer break at KEA, the last of these series of interdisciplinary EM&Ts challenges will take place in Finland on January 24 – 28, 2022 at Aalto University. The interdisciplinary EM&Ts challenge involves some students of the Universities part of the Datemats mobility

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Knowledge Transfer Days: passing on learnings about emerging materials and technologies to the industry and beyond

How to design with innovative materials? 8 Days to explore prototypes and samples, meet the researchers and discover the tools! Starting from November 2021 Datemats sets up a series of international meetings - named Knowledge Transfer Days - with the goal to disseminate the achieved project results to enterprises, policy-makers, material and technology manufacturers, Technology transfer offices & centers, and end-user companies. The focusof the Knowledge Transfer Days will

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The physical encounters continue: Datemats exhibition is debuting at Barcelona Design Week 2021

Datemats is debuting at the Barcelona Design Week 2021 presenting the outputs available at this point of the project on the occasion of its first physical exhibition named “Datemats, designing with emerging materials and technologies”. The installation is an initial approach to the rich panorama of the knowledge and the tools the project is generating, demonstrating how the emerging of new materials and technologies is fostering creativity and stimulating

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Materialising the Future across Europe: Datemats simultaneously in Helsinki and Milano

During this year’s edition of the Helsinki and Milan Design Week, the Datemats project promoted an online event where its experts in designing for and with Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM&Ts) illustrated their methodologies and offered an insight into their material world. The event was physically hosted by Materially at its Materials Village exhibition located, also for this first post-pandemic special edition, at the renowned Superstudio Più: the famous

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Students mobility kick-off: Interdisciplinary Challenge N°1 at Tecnun

Interdisciplinary Challenge N°1 at Tecnun Datemats project organizes an international mobility program including four international workshops. An international learning experience involving students and teaching staff from the universities of the Datemats consortium: Aalto University, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Tecnun Universidad de Navarra. During the five day long workshops, students will tackle real-life challenges given by partnering European companies. Each workshop has the main

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5th transnational coordination meeting: uncertainty still prevails

On May 20th, the Datemats consortium gathered for its fifth meeting, again online. As virtual encounters have become commonplace, and all participants are now familiar with the online mode, the meeting went smoothly and was very productive maintaining the focus. Big difficulties are still identified due to the global COVID-19 situation, especially as one of the core activities of the project is the mobility programme for design and

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Another Datemats book: the methodologies explored in the project led to an additional publication on ICS materials, the wearable EM&Ts

"ICS MATERIALS. INTERACTIVE, CONNECTED, AND SMART MATERIALS" Edited by Datemats project coordinator Venere Ferraro, together with Valentina Rognoli, the book covers a series of outstanding researchers’ contributions on the topic of ICS Materials: a new class of emerging materials with properties and qualities concerning interactivity, connectivity and intelligence. In the general framework of the ICS Materials’ domain, each chapter deals with a specific aspect following the characteristic perspective of

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